Booking Website and Form Builder:

Elevate your online presence with BookOn360’s Booking Website and Form Builder. Embed forms, customize designs, and enhance the booking experience.

Embeddable Booking Form

Easily embed a booking form on your website using an iframe, allowing clients to book appointments directly on your site.

Customize the Booking Form or Page

Choose from multiple themes for your booking page and tailor the design to your liking. Edit the order of booking form steps and translate them into various languages with BookOn360.

Add Appointments to Calendar for Customers

After booking appointments, clients can effortlessly add the details to their calendars by clicking on the “Add to Calendar” button. The appointment will be automatically added to their Google, Outlook, or iCal calendars.

Booking Website Builder

BookOn360 acts as a no-code website builder, automatically generating a booking page that’s accessible through the BookOn360 dashboard. You can embed this page into your website, share it with clients, or even showcase it on your social media profiles.

Customer Profile

Your clients can create profiles by clicking the “Login” button in the upper right corner of your booking website. Under their customer profile, they can efficiently manage their appointments.

Variety of Templates for the Booking Page

Choose from eight predefined themes for the booking page, available in light or dark versions, and customize it with primary and background colors, patterns, fonts, and object themes to match your brand’s look and feel.

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Effortlessly manage services, appointments, and locations with BookOn360. Clients can reschedule, and notes are easily added for organized appointments.

Multiple Services

Managing multiple services and service categories is effortless with BookOn360. You have the flexibility to edit the appearance, locations, duration, price, taxes, and even create hidden (private) services for specific needs.

Multiple Locations

With BookOn360, managing businesses across multiple locations, even in different cities or time zones, is a breeze. You can efficiently handle all locations within a single tool, while employees have the flexibility to work in various places.

Appointment Notes

Add notes about an appointment and have all appointment details in one place with BookOn360.

Managing Appointments

From the admin page, you can easily create, browse, and edit appointments, as well as change their statuses. Exporting data of your appointments or customers is also a simple process with BookOn360.

Rescheduling and Canceling

Customer profiles and email notifications offer convenient options for customers to cancel or reschedule appointments with just a few clicks. This reduces no-shows and ensures smooth appointment management.

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Subscription Form

Admin and Employee Management

Streamline admin tasks with BookOn360. Manage customers, access a centralized dashboard for insights, and customize employee roles and notifications.

Unlimited Customers

Admin and employees have the ability to efficiently manage customers, edit their information, track loyal customers, and import/export customer lists with BookOn360.

Insightful Dashboard

The KPI Dashboard provides insights into your business’s performance. Widgets display key metrics such as the number of new customers, revenue generated during a specific period, employee occupancy, daily occupancy, and other important data for a successful business with BookOn360.

SMS and Email Notifications

Customize and modify email and SMS notifications for different events, such as upcoming appointments, appointment follow-ups, and status changes with BookOn360.

Admin’s Page and Calendar View

Admin’s page can be used by account owners and each employee, depending on the role settings. In addition, Admin can view all bookings with breakdowns by employees in the overview calendar with BookOn360.


Manage and create different roles for your employees. For example, limit the permissions and pages your users can access and create different levels of authority and management within your team with BookOn360.